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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wine charm wedding gift

In preparing a small collection of wedding gifts for someone, I wanted to make a set of simple wine charms.  Wine charms are a little cheese-tastic by nature, so I thought it best to keep them super simple.

I used silver earring hoops from Michaels and an assortment of seed beads I've collected over the years.  I simply strung the beads on the hoop and left a wee bit of wire free to bend up with a set of small pliers and form into a hook.

Then I punched small holes in a piece of navy cardstock from which to dangle the charms.  There's no question these are homemade but they're a little colorful extra something to include with a wedding or bridal shower present or give as a small hostess gift.

I originally thought I'd do a little French beaded "charm", which I've used before on homemade cards, but I didn't like these quick prototypes.  A very simple square might work better.

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