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Sunday, June 12, 2011

we're flying first class

For a hefty $9.95 at none other than DSW, I picked up this brilliantly garish, embroidered bronze pleather passport holder that will be perfect for a certain friend's birthday this summer. I was only there to look for shoes to wear with my bridesmaid dress but sometimes a second bird presents itself unexpectedly and you've got to be ready to make efficient use of your stone. Pop the champagne, as Fergie would say.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The title of this post is my Spanish major's interpretation of how the French pronounce macaron, the bite-size almond powder confections that crumble under the slightest pressure and whose customization is limitless. In a way, they have the allure and preciousness of porcelain...or something. I've been obsessed with macarons for some time now and it's certainly not my little secret. Macarons are everywhere. I purched several of the little gems by Pierre Herme at Selfridges last February (and took great, great care with them on the flight home, only to find that their tolerance for transatlantic flights is low). I'm now obsesses with Pierre Herme's packaging, too. Martha is on top of the trend. And I've been licking my chops over Lola's Room's photographs. There's even a war of integrity being fought over the macaron, with McDonald's challenging the very essence of French culture by offering them to the masses. I suggest McDonald's change their company motto to "Screw your elitism - we're just trying to pay our bills". If only the little dears knew what a stir they've caused. As for their taste, they're sweet but not too sweet. The flavors are limitless, though, in my opinion, rarely do you taste much other than almond and sugar since the filling is generally so stingy - but I'm okay with that. I decided a few months ago that macarons rolled in cellophane and cinched with ribbon like little hard candies would make divine wedding favors. Impatient to wait for my own wedding, I decided to move forward with the idea for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower favors. I considered making them myself but I required between 60 and 90 of them and the process is precarious - the whipping, the altitude, the fineness of the ingredients - so outsourcing quickly became the best option. I counted on getting them for 50 cents a piece (cheap!) through my local Wegman's bakery but inexplicably, the week before the shower, they told me they'd been directed not to make them anymore about a week before I called. Great. Last minute dash to find macarons, which frankly wasn't hard to do, these days. I quickly called Patisserie Poupon, whose owner (Laura?) and staffer Martin were extremely helpful in sending me a pic of their assortment, offering me little plastic bags gratis, and being so nice and responsive to my million questions about size, color, and flavor. I love wax paper. It's so milky and sweet and smooth and hides imperfections, like a veil. (Perhaps that's why brides wear them? Yikes.) Almond. And a peek of the chocolat. Precisely 60 macarons, 30 bags, and 30 bits of yellow ribbon later, we had our favors. Yum! Image 1 - Lola's Room